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MS Dynamics AX 2012: Stopped (error): X++ Exception: The text associated with this work item cannot be found in the assignee’s language..

While configuring a procurement workflow in MS dynamics AX 2012 for one of my client, I encountered with one workflow “stopped” error that happens rarely and not many get to know as how it happened and what is actually missing.

The error says:

“Stopped (error): X++ Exception: The text associated with this work item cannot be found in the assignee’s language, or in the default language for the system or legal entity. The workflow has stopped processing because of this error. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
at SysWorkflowWorkItem-createSysWorkflowWorkItem-createWorkItemsSysWorkflow-saveSysWorkflowQueue-resume..”


The problem occurs when the language translation for all the configured workflow steps are not specified.


In order to fix this issue:

1- Recall the workflow.
2- Go to the activated version of the workflow and Edit it.
3- Make sure that your workflow configuration have translations in the languages that your users are using as their default languages.


4- Activate the version after making all necessary amendments (updating translations).

5- Resubmit the workflow for the approval.

The problem should be resolved by following the above mentioned steps.

Happy DAXing…!!


Error: File overwrite is not allowed, document attachment error on expense report in EP (Enterprise portal) AX 2012 CU6.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything to share some support experiences. So, Today I came across an issue which is indeed a common but a tricky one.

At one of my clients, we make a use of Enterprise Portal where user claims their expense via EP, users make attachments of different file types with expense reports as a part of their normal process.

However, when attaching a file type (in my case) “PDF” I was receiving an error “File overwrite is not allowed”. Though, there are new duplication or overriding I was attempting.

Strangely, the problem persist due to number sequence of the document handling that sometimes conflicts with the file type when setup “Continuous”, so above mentioned steps are the fastest way to get rid of such hassles.

Nevertheless, I figured it out with one workaround that I would like to suggest so that others also take the benefit.

  1. Go to Organization administration > Common > Number sequence.
  2. Select “Document Management” in the area path on the number sequence list page.
  3. Clear “Status list” > CLT+A and hit F9 to delete the list.
  4. Untick continuous check box.
  5. Clear usage data.
  6. Clear EP cache (System Admin can perform this through EP Home page, all caches needs to be deleted i.e. AOD, Data and dictionary).
  7. Restart IIS and SharePoint Central Administration services.

Once all the above mentioned steps are performed , given another try to attach the file and see how it works.

I will continue to explore the reasoning and the details and keep you all updated..

Happy DAxing ….!! 🙂