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Enabling multi-legal entity selection on ‘All Project’ list page to view details of projects across multiple legal entities in MS DAX365 for Operations (AX7)

Hi everyone, I have been exploring new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and getting familiar with the look and feel of new UI. Today, I came across another comprehensive and wonderful feature within project accounting and management module.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, a new feature is introduced where a user can select multiple legal entities, where he/she can mark more than one legal entities to get the list of projects details based on whichever legal entities are selected (was not feasible in previous standard versions of AX)


Question 1: How is it possible?
Answer: This requires a less amount of effort to achieve this particular objective.

Question 2: How we will do it?
Answer: I will take you to the examples to understand it completely.

Let me clear the doubts on how it is possible and how we will achieve it.

Navigate to: Organization administration > Organizations > Organization hierarchies.

  • Click New to add a new hierarchy i.e. Contoso Consulting Head-office (USA)
  • Click on Assign purpose, the form will redirect you to the Organization hierarchy purpose
    Note: This is an out of the box form where purposes for every modules are pre-configured and they are all standard as well as non-customizable purposes.
  • Select Project management hierarchy purpose and click on Add under assigned hierarchies’ grid and assign an organization hierarchy i.e. Contoso Consulting Head-office (USA)
  • Click Set as default to make it a default hierarchy
  • Click on View hierarchy to not only view the hierarchy but to design it
  • Click on Edit and then on Insert to add legal entity i.e. USSI and then click on Insert again to add other legal entities to be added within this hierarchy
  • For instance, I am currently logged into USSI legal entity, I consider to declare USSI (USA) legal entity as my Head-office and I will add other legal entities such as JPMF (Japan), DEMF (Germany), MXMF (Mexico), SAMF (Saudi Arabia), MYMF (Malaysia) and RUMF (Russia)


  • Once the hierarchy is designed, Save the record and click on Publish, provide effective date and publish the hierarchy.

    Note: This selection will enable a hierarchy view of all these specified legal entities within the legal entity drop dialogue on the ‘All project’ list page i.e. legal entities such as JPMF, DEFM, MXMF, SAMF, MYMF and RUMF meaning that the details of projects from of all these legal entities can be viewed at the same time without the hassle of changing legal entities again and again.


How to Adjust posted transaction of Project in AX 2012.

In Dynamics AX 2012, we have a significant feature called “Adjust transactions”. Through this feature one can adjust the posted/invoiced Expense, Hours etc. In order to do so, let just take an example of adjusting an Hour transaction for a project.
For example, I have a project _ 0004 which I need to adjust the posted hour transaction for.

 Select the Project 0004 –>  Click on the Posted transaction.


  Verify the Vouchers:


 Click on Adjust transaction.


 Select the Type of transaction that needs to be adjusted, Project ID, Project type (In our case it is fixed price), the posted/invoiced period (to – from date range), Transaction Status, Line property and last but not least, the Ledger date _ it is the date that will be appeared as an adjustment date.


 Select the Hour line (in my example I used Hour type which you want to adjust  click Adjust.


 Change the Project ID, WBS (work break down structure) activity and the cost price to book the time sheet to a different project. ( In my case I have change the project from 0004 to 0005).


 Click “Check” to verify if everything is fine, a reference number will be populated.


 Once the transaction is checked, click on Post to post the adjusted transaction, As soon as you post the transaction, you will get an info log _ updating the confirmation of the adjustment made.


 Now, we will go and check the Project 005 for which we have posted a transaction (took the hour transactions from Project 004 and shifted to Project 005 in order to adjust it). We can see the line.


 One can see the adjusted hour transaction line under posted transactions;


 In order to verify its impact on finance side, let’s just verify the vouchers as well.


  Click on View transactions –> on the Transaction form –> click General tab.


 System is showing the adjustment reference number which appeared in the info log. Moreover, the updated cost price and activity number got updated as well.

Please note: In adjustment, the system do not bring the old transaction lines, instead, it just replace it with the new adjusted lines, though the reference remains available.