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Delivery Date is different on Planned order compared to the one entered manually at time of creation..

Working for AX Implementation Support Team gives you a chance to get yourself familiar with different functionalities, features and their existence and usage.

Today, my user reported me an issue where he was puzzled by Dynamics AX behavior as AX kept on changing the planned purchase order and planned production creation date automatically from the date he was entering manually against the orders at time of their creation.


  • Delivery Date was changing automatically while creating planned purchase order.(i.e, I manually entered delivery date as 10/21/2015 at time of creation but system changed it to 11/10/2015) .


I analyzed the structure and here are the findings of this automatic date changing on planned production order:

  • The planned order was manually created, user entered the delivery date manually, So I did the same while testing.
  • At this point, system checks the feasibility whether the product can be produced within the desired date and then it picks the delivery date based on the calculated estimation.
  • In client’s environment, users uses routes in the production, these routes’ operations are tagged with resources, where the resource type is machine in most of the cases.
  • Resource had finite capacity and cannot be overbooked.
  • Resources were only be available for working/production on a slot which is a working day.
  • Hence, when a resource is fully booked even If a user enter a delivery date manually, system will always going to check the resource availability and going to decide the delivery date based on availability, (that is how the standard system behaves) In my case when I was entering the delivery date as 10/10/2015, system was changing the delivery date to 11/10/2015 because the resource was fully booked/reserved and the next available working day was 11/10/2015.

Example :

  •  I had Item “XYZ”
  • I was creating a planned order with a type “production”
  • The Item was associated with a route, the route active version was “ABC”
  • The route’s operation is tagged with one resource “PQR”
  • The resource’s capacity was set as “finite”
  • In order to check the resource availability, I clicked on the capacity load button.
  • A list page opened, that gave me a picture on the availability of the resource.
    (Note: Under this form, system indicated me that October was fully booked, and even in November the next available day for a resource for working was 11/10/2015 ).
  • In order to confirm this, I picked a resource “MNO “ that had no reservations and was fully available, I updated the route version and change the resource on route operation from “PQR” to “MNO”.
  • I then created some planned orders for the month of October as this resource availability was there for dates I was creating these planned order on.
  • System allowed me to enter my manually entered date.

Hence, this delivery date is not something that gets changed automatically, it is the way we setup resources that force this change.


The problem encountered against the planned purchase order, where system was changing the delivery date automatically from the date that I entered manually at time of creating planned purchase order from Master plan.

Here, I analyzed that client had active purchase agreements for almost every single item. Therefore, while testing this reported anomaly, I realized that my item also had an active purchase agreement and the lead time was defined on that agreement.

Furthermore, master planning parameter was also activated against the planned orders where it allows system to find trade agreements and the search criteria was set “Lowest Unit Price” .

The lead time defined on the purchase agreement was 14 days (working days).

So, when I was creating the planned purchase order it is picking the delivery date based on the lead time specified in the agreement.


  • I entered the delivery date as 10/21/2015 but system changed it to 11/10/2015.
  • As per configured calendar, the 14th working day was 11/10/2015 (lead time applied), which system picked up correctly as the delivery date.

Hope this detailed explanation would be useful for new ones just like me to explore Production and Master planning module in AX.