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How do you activate a registration worker in AX 2012?

I came across an issue today and I thought why not just share the resolution here publicly so others can also be benefited .

Summary :“I was maintaining a route version where I changed the resource on one route operation and added a new one, I then saved the line and clicked “Approve” as version needs to be approved before we activate it, though I got an Info-log indicating “01660 is not a registration worker or is not active”.



  • Go to Human Resource Module in AX
  • Navigate to Common > Workers > Workers

  • On the list page, apply a filter ALT+G and paste the personnel number i.e. 01660 under Personnel number column in the table.Note: Personnel number is a unique number and will be different in your case.
  • Once the record is found, click on Employment History button.
  • Create employment for the legal entity in which you are trying to approve the BOM.
  • Once the employment history is created, system will register the worker within that legal entity and it will not restrict user to “Approve” a BOM version.

Expected Results:

Problem will be solved, BOM version will be Approved and Activated