Financial Dimension Error when ending a Production order that posses QTY variance and Purchase Variance _ Dynamics AX 2012 R3

It was little annoying last night when we stuck in one problem which from the picture, wasn’t looking as complex as we expected.

I decided to write a post to create some awareness among those who are new to production module just like me, to not only build some understanding on this problem but to make habit of sharing experiences 🙂

In one of our client’s Live environment:

  • I created a Production order.
  • Estimated the task.
  • Scheduled operations.
  • Started the production order but unchecked the check boxes of picking list journal and route journal to be posted automatically.
  • Changed the QTY on the picking list that created the QTY variance and adjust the price that created the price variance.
  • I posted picking list and route card journal manually.
  • RAF the production order.

At time of ending the production order, I received an error stating;


  • When checking the General ledger setup, I came to know that we have an account structure with an advance rule where we have set all the financial dimension fields mandatory, plus we have a combination activated where system will always check “specified” Business Units against “specified” Markets.

  • During the code analysis, I found that when a production order has a price/QTY variance, system picks the financial dimension from the costing sheet.

In my scenario, the CalcType against which I was getting the error message were of type “rate” and these rate type resources were defined in my costing sheet.
Inventory Management > Setup > Conversion > Costing Sheet.

(Here under this navigation, I found out that the highlighted 5 resources were missing the Business unit and Market which are compulsory as per the way advance rule is setup).

Note: It is AX default behavior where it is taking the financial dimensions from the costing sheet and merging them to the production, so when there is no business unit and market, system failed to merge anything at this stage unless you have fixed accounts defined against the posting ledgers. 

Hence, after confirming the code behavior, I provided the financial dimensions in these highlighted resources, Validated the costing sheet and Saved it

Ended the production order which got ended without any error messages.


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