MS Dynamics AX 2012 : Date is not calculating on the Production form (ProdForm) when scheduling the job on the production order.

As I continue on my production training and the support that I have been involved in, on one of my client where we are using Production module as a core module, I  managed to dig into the details little further…

Today, I came across another issue where my user was trying to schedule a job on the production order “backward from the delivery date” but it continued to reflect a dummy date “01-30-2017” though I was rescheduling it for 02-04-2016. Though, the “Update” fast tab was reflecting the correct values (the date on which I was scheduling/rescheduling the job).


It was a strange behavior for me, it was something I was witnessing first time. Nevertheless, after I spend some time on analysis, I found that item was associated with the Route that had a Resource attached to it and it was associated with a working calendar “10H5D“, when I checked the composed working periods, I found that all the periods were closed for pickups expect for one day 1/30/2017.


Ultimately, system was checking the first available open day for pick up to “schedule the job” and the open day in my calendar was 1/30/2017.


Furthermore, I found that when the working times were composed, they were composed by ticking the “base calendar option” and the base calendar was having all the days as “closed for pickup“.

Good thing was, client didn’t use that calendar for any transactions.

However, the best approach was to delete those working times which exists in WorkCalendarDate table and recreate them. In order to do so,

  • I Opened AOT
  • Expanded the Tables
  • Went to WorkCalendarDate table


  • Selected the Calendar i.e. in my case it was 10H5D, and applied the date range in the date to filter out my dates, i.e. in my case the wrong templates were created from 01/01/2016..01/31/2017 (though one open date was available in 2017 January but the rest of the period was wrong).

Filtered the records and deleted them and then went back to Organization Administration>Calendar and Composed working time.


I then tested scheduling again by resetting the production order status to Estimate, then scheduled the production job “backward from the delivery date” for 02/04/2016 (my current date was 02/02/2016).

This time around I got the desired results:


Anyone faced the same issue,  should try the same steps to avoid this problem.
Happy Daxing


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