Project Expense Journal _ Workflow, User CAL level issue.

Hi all,

There is a common but very weird issue that most of AX users gets puzzled with and that is the workflow type for standard project expense journals.

Question is “What is the workflow type that Project Expense are or can be associated with”?  is it “LedgerDailyTemplate“, is it configured through “Project module” or through “General Ledger“?

Answer is:  we DO NOT have any standard workflow type for Project expenses journal to be used, instead we need customization to cover up the requirements to create one workflow type “ProjExpWFTemplate” to be triggered for Project Expense journal and these can be configured through Project Module.

We recently had an issue which I would like to share, that will clear more about what I am hinting at;

One of my client bought users licenses,  he had enterprise, functional, task and server level users.

By default the Project Manager role comes under “Functional user” but my client ended up customizing the workflow wrongly.

What he did, is that he re-directed the “Daily” workflow that uses the workflow type “LedgerDailyTemplate“. These type of workflow are configured through GL module and for these type of journal workflow approval you have to have enterprise license.

Therefore, after spending time and researching it, we came to know that we have two type of menu items that are being called up when the workflow is triggered;

LedgerJournalTable3 and LedgerjournalTable7 both have the same object LedgerJournalTable” that mostly causes the confusion, but if you take the properties of these menu item then “Label” and “Viewuserlicense” gives you the clear picture that which menu item belongs to which type and what needs to be configured against what type of workflow types.

C.f. the screenshot below for more understanding;

P1 P2

So, the correct menu item to be utilized under the customized workflow is going to be “LedgerjournalTable7″ and a customized workflow needs to be created for project expense journal workflow approval.
These type of workflows are configured through Project module, and workflow type for these journal name can also be selected once they are customized.

p3 p4

However, in order to approve the workflow, there are some customized menu items;
for which you need to create one customized privilege and then associate that privilege with one customized duty and then drop that duty under a customized role, later you assign that role to your Project Manager who can then approve the project expense workflow.

By doing so, the user will fall under functional user, you can validate it by running the batch job for user license information.
System administration –> Reports –> Licensing –> Named user license count. 


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