De-receipting of Purchase orders created through Project Module _ AX 2012

MS Dynamics AX offers the de-receipting and return order functionality in AX 2012 as well with some enhanced interface. However, as carried from the previous version we need to keep two things in mind;

  • When the order is “Received” the products needs to be de-receipted.

When the order is “Invoiced” we need to create the return order to reverse the entries before we cancel the purchase order.

DE receipting

  • Create a Purchase requisition from a project
  • Approve the purchase requisition workflow.
  • Go to Procurement and Sourcing Module and go to Released approved purchase requisitions.
  • Confirm the purchase requisition by creating a purchase order from it.
  • Go back to Project management and accounting module and select your project for which the purchase order has been created.
  • Select the Project and go to Manage
  • Click on Item task in the related information section and click on Purchase order.
  • Go to Purchase tab and click on Confirm in order to confirm the PO.
  • Go to Receive Tab and click on “Product Receipt”.
  • Post the Receipt of the product..
  • Check the committed cost against the project.
  • Now go back to the purchase order.
  • Click on “Receive” tab.
  • Go to Receipt journal.
  • Select the line in the journal and click “Correct”.
  • In the QTY column, enter the QTY enter 0 or whatever the QTY that needs to be reversed.
    (e.g. if we have 50 QTY and only 25 QTY needs to be reversed (de-receipted) then enter 25 in the QTY column and the Reversed QTY column will be updated automatically with the remaining 25 QTY.
  • Posting the correction (de-receipting) QTY will change the PO status back to “Open”.
  • Now go to purchase order tab and click “cancel”.
  • Check the status after cancelling, workflow status will be “Draft” and Purchase order status will become “Cancelled”.
  • No go back to the project and check the committed cost, it should have been reverted that was generated due to this PO.


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