How to Adjust posted transaction of Project in AX 2012.

In Dynamics AX 2012, we have a significant feature called “Adjust transactions”. Through this feature one can adjust the posted/invoiced Expense, Hours etc. In order to do so, let just take an example of adjusting an Hour transaction for a project.
For example, I have a project _ 0004 which I need to adjust the posted hour transaction for.

 Select the Project 0004 –>  Click on the Posted transaction.


  Verify the Vouchers:


 Click on Adjust transaction.


 Select the Type of transaction that needs to be adjusted, Project ID, Project type (In our case it is fixed price), the posted/invoiced period (to – from date range), Transaction Status, Line property and last but not least, the Ledger date _ it is the date that will be appeared as an adjustment date.


 Select the Hour line (in my example I used Hour type which you want to adjust  click Adjust.


 Change the Project ID, WBS (work break down structure) activity and the cost price to book the time sheet to a different project. ( In my case I have change the project from 0004 to 0005).


 Click “Check” to verify if everything is fine, a reference number will be populated.


 Once the transaction is checked, click on Post to post the adjusted transaction, As soon as you post the transaction, you will get an info log _ updating the confirmation of the adjustment made.


 Now, we will go and check the Project 005 for which we have posted a transaction (took the hour transactions from Project 004 and shifted to Project 005 in order to adjust it). We can see the line.


 One can see the adjusted hour transaction line under posted transactions;


 In order to verify its impact on finance side, let’s just verify the vouchers as well.


  Click on View transactions –> on the Transaction form –> click General tab.


 System is showing the adjustment reference number which appeared in the info log. Moreover, the updated cost price and activity number got updated as well.

Please note: In adjustment, the system do not bring the old transaction lines, instead, it just replace it with the new adjusted lines, though the reference remains available.


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